Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Spring is here! Days are longer and brighter. Of course, with the melting snow comes lots of new and/or neglected outside projects, especially for Alaskans who might be uncovering hidden damage from the Nov. 30 earthquake.

Spring maintenance time

Here are a few spring-cleaning tips to get you outside and give you a head start on your lawn and garden:

  1. Remove debris that may have accumulated with all the snow. Rake leaves, prune and trim shrubs except for those that bloom early like lilacs. 
  2. Check the pH level of soil for a beautiful lawn and garden. 
  3. Get your lawnmower tuned and ready to go. This might also be a good time to bring out, clean the barbeque grill and make sure you have charcoal or gas when you’re ready for your first cook-out!
  4. Check gutters to make sure they’re clear of debris and run-off flows away from your house. 
  5. Wash your deck with a deck cleaner following the manufacturer’s instructions. If this is the year to bring new life to an old deck, sand any rough places and use deck stain or paint to make your deck sparkle. Be careful if you pressure wash, you can damage wood or drive water behind the siding.
  6. Check your yard and your home’s foundation for damage that may have been caused by the earthquake. 

If your quest for a clutter-free home felt like a game of whack-a-mole, a yard sale on a pretty day might just be the answer. 

Looking to recycle extra stuff? The State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and Municipality of Anchorage have information about recycling: 

Have a new home project in mind? Alaska Housing’s Research Information Center, a building science library, has an assortment of books and videos for the do-it-yourselfer, from landscaping, painting, remodeling, tiling and of course, energy efficiency upgrades.


The Research Information Center is available by appointment. For appointment times or more information, call 907-330-8166 or email Betty Hall.