Scholarships Help Alaskans Reach Career Goals

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For 23 years, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation has awarded education scholarships to assist individuals as they work toward financial self-sufficiency. 

Families enrolled in AHFC’s Step program are limited to five years of rental assistance before they are expected to pay full market rent. One objective of AHFC’s scholarships is to help individuals develop the skills necessary for gainful employment.

Scholarship recipients, who are public housing residents or Housing Choice Voucher participants, can receive assistance up to $2,500 to help them achieve a variety of education goals ranging from technical training to college tuition

Since its inception 23 years ago, nearly 200 scholarships have been distributed by AHFC for a total of almost $275,000. 

Recently, Alaska Housing awarded 2023 education scholarships to 11 individuals. One recipient, Taghreed, is an example of the exceptional students who utilize AHFC’s education scholarships as they work to achieve their goals and improve their future opportunities.

Scholarship Recipient: Taghreed

A mother of seven and grandmother of six, Taghreed enjoys working with children and is completing training in childhood education with the aim of one day opening her own daycare or becoming a teacher. 

She moved to Alaska from abroad seven years ago and began taking classes with the Literacy Council of Alaska, an organization she credits with opening her mind and helping to set her on a path forward. Then, through a lecture at her place of work, Taghreed met an individual who encouraged her to pursue a university education

Taking Advantage of Opportunities

For Taghreed, every step forward has been a chance to improve her opportunities while also giving back to her community.

“Since the moment I came to this blessed country, I have been trying to learn to be an effective and educated woman to advance myself, my family, my job and my community, which I love. I try to provide the best for it by continuing to teach and work at the same time.”

- Taghreed, AHFC Education Scholarship Recipient

Taghreed expressed her gratitude to the many individuals who are helping her on her education journey.

I thank everyone who helped me and still helps me to progress,”  Taghreed said. “I thank them with every step I take, with every new word I learn and with every work I can do to help others and bring happiness to their souls.”

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