Rent Relief Helps A Growing Family Make Ends Meet

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Preparing for A Baby During The Pandemic

Awaiting the arrival of a newborn is both exciting and stressful — there are so many things to prepare and consider. Like many expectant parents, the pandemic made the circumstances particularly challenging for Alonzo and her family. Aside from the general worries of becoming new parents, there were fears of contracting COVID and daily financial concerns.

Struggling To Make Ends Meet

Both Alonzo and her husband work in the cargo industry. She was facing a horizon with unpaid maternity leave and her husband, while still employed, was working under a reduced hourly schedule. The young couple were unsure how the growing family would make ends meet once the baby was born.

“Alaska Housing Rent Relief has been a lifesaver,” says Alonzo. 

“We are so grateful to the people at Alaska Housing Finance Corporation and the work they are doing for families like ours. The program has truly had tremendous impact on our ability to pay expenses.” 

— Alonzo, Alaska Housing Rent Relief Recipient

Finding Assistance Through Alaska Housing Rent Relief

A co-worker shared information about the program with her husband. At first, Alonzo was hesitant to apply but when checking the requirements she was hopeful that the family would qualify. She applied late one evening during a sleepless night and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly eligibility was confirmed.

The process was easy and the system simple to navigate with clear instructions on what to supply for consideration. Moving forward, the program has been equally efficient with email notifications for recertification that had made ongoing participation in the program seamless.

“Waiting for the payment was the most difficult part but once it was processed, we were worry free.” Alonzo and her husband welcomed a baby boy earlier in the summer and everyone is doing well.