Reliable Rental Income for Landlords

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Are you an Alaska landlord looking for reliable income from your rental properties? Reduce the risk of non-payment of rent while helping Alaskans secure quality housing by enrolling as a participating landlord in the Housing Choice Voucher program. 

What Are Housing Choice Vouchers?

Housing Choice Vouchers are available in 12 Alaska communities and guarantee on-time rental payments to landlords while helping eligible Alaskans lease rentals in the private rental market. Here are the basics:​​​

  • Tenants that are approved for voucher assistance search for housing in the private rental market and go through the landlord's standard application and approval process, just like any other renter.
  • AHFC, the renter, and the landlord enter into a contractual relationship that is covered under Alaska’s Landlord Tenant Act.
  • Tenants are responsible for paying approximately 30% of their adjusted gross income to the landlord for rent.
  • The remaining balance of rent is paid by AHFC directly to the landlord or property management firm.
  • Participating landlords receive reliable, on-time rent payments for the duration of the rental agreement.

Get The Facts

There are many myths and a lot of misinformation about the "risk" of renting to a tenant with a Housing Choice Voucher. We encourage you to get the facts!


Is Voucher Assistance Available In My Community?  

Housing Choice Vouchers are available in 12 communities throughout Alaska and applications are accepted in different communities throughout the year. To see if your community is listed, click here.

How Do Vouchers Help Alaskan Renters?

For some, it's a challenge to find housing at an affordable price. By accepting vouchers, participating landlords are providing safe, quality, affordable housing for specific populations. These include: 

  • A diversity of individuals and families that otherwise could not afford a private rental
  • Seniors who wish to live independently for a longer period of time
  • Individuals with a disability that prefer to live alone, and with proper accommodation

Click here to read Housing Choice Voucher information for tenants, including their obligations while enrolled, the support structures available to them, and how participation helps renters increase their employment opportunities and income, while decreasing their dependence on assistance. 

Who Qualifies for Voucher Assistance?

  • Eligibility to receive a voucher is based on income. The maximum income level varies depending on location and household size. There is no minimum income requirement.
  • AHFC maintains a housing assistance waitlist for qualified applicants. Before receiving a voucher, AHFC screens applicants for program and income eligibility.

Do I Get To Review & Approve Prospective Tenants?

Your regular application and screening process still applies, including:

  • Meeting and interviewing applicants
  • Running background checks
  • Reviewing past rental history
  • Asking for employer and/or personal references
  • Using your own lease (AHFC requires an initial lease term of one year)

How Do I Become A Participating Landlord?

It's easy to become a participating landlord!

  1. Complete required paperwork
  2. Attend a move-in inspection
  3. Supply a copy of your rental agreement
  4. Cash monthly rental checks

Get Started Today

  • Call 1-800-478-2432 or email
  • Read detailed information and download required forms here.

Additional Resources for Landlords

List Your Properties

The Alaska Housing Locator is an online search tool available to all Alaskans in search of a rental, and is highlighted as an essential resource to every Housing Choice Voucher participant. Click here to list your properties.

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Know Your Rights

There are many federal and state housing laws that protect you as a landlord and property owner. For more information about your rights — and other guidance for landlords — visit