Relationships Make for a Successful Voucher Partnership

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Alaska Housing Finance Corporation’s Housing Choice Vouchers help eligible low-income Alaskans lease rentals in the private rental market.

The vouchers also allow participating landlords to receive timely and dependable payments from AHFC while providing Alaskans with safe, quality, affordable housing.

The Importance of Relationships

To be successful, the Housing Choice Voucher program relies on relationships between:

  • The tenant and the landlord
  • The tenant and AHFC
  • The landlord and AHFC 

Understanding Expectations

Expectations for each relationship are defined by a written agreement or contract between the appropriate parties:

  • AHFC and the landlord sign a Housing Assistance Payment Contract (HAP)
  • AHFC and the tenant sign a voucher
  • The landlord and the tenant sign a rental agreement/lease

Knowing Everyone's Roles

There are also various components of the rental relationship that each entity has a role in completing.

Graphic in a table format shows the responsibilities of tenants, landlords and AHFC for the Housing Choice Voucher program.

New to Renting?

Are you new to renting? Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, you should familiarize yourself with the law by reviewing The Alaska Landlord & Tenant Act.