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Rent Mortgage Relief

As a very challenging year comes to a close, Alaskans continue to struggle financially. Renters and homeowners are worried about making their housing payments, and landlords are concerned about keeping tenants in their properties. A growing number of Alaskans are in need of assistance and guidance about how to keep their families housed, and many are also struggling to understand the complexities of moratoriums and legal rights.

While the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation offers guidance and several housing assistance programs, there are many other rent and mortgage relief programs available across the State of Alaska. However, there has not been one place to find them all, or to find clear and accurate guidance on issues like eviction and foreclosure — until now.

AHFC recently launched the website, Alaska Housing Relief. This incredible new resource for all Alaskans serves as a clearinghouse of housing relief programs across the state, and provides important guidance to help Alaskans keep their housing secure. Read on to learn how.

Provides Information Specifically For Renters, Homeowners, & Landlords

Whether you are a renter, homeowner, or landlord this website is made for you. Each section is designed to guide you to the information you need, such as relief programs, regulatory guidance, or legal aid.

Lists All Rent & Mortgage Relief Programs In The State Of Alaska

You'll find a growing list of housing relief programs in the state of Alaska by community and by tribal membership, with more added weekly. Under each listing there is accurate and current information about the program, eligibility requirements, a direct link to the application process, and important deadlines. There is also information specifically for landlords about how to direct their tenants to these resources. 

Helps Make Sense Of Eviction, Foreclosures, Forbearance & Moratoriums

In addition to worrying about making a monthly housing payment, many Alaskans are also struggling to understand the complexities of eviction and foreclosure moratoriums, repayment plans and forbearance, if they are at risk of losing their housing, and how to access legal help. Existing information online and in the media can be confusing, hard to find, and increasingly outdated and conflicting. With information specifically for renters, homeowners, and landlords, Alaska Housing Relief provides comprehensive resources with easy to understand information about all of this and more.

Directs You To Information About Your Legal Rights

Find information about the legal rights of renters, homeowners, and landlords, where to get legal advice about eviction and foreclosure, or to report a case of housing discrimination.

Links to Other Relief & Resources

While the list of housing relief programs is long, we know that there might not be one currently available in your community. However, there are other relief programs that offer funding for expenses such as utility bills, childcare, groceries, and other living expenses. In addition, there are resources to help you find immediate help if you are in crisis, to learn how to better manage your finances, and other tools to help you stayed housed over the long term.  

Answers Your Questions

We encourage you to start exploring Alaska Housing Relief today, and to share this resource with others.

Editor's note: Removed references to tribal membership relief programs, as page(s) were removed or deleted.