Makeover Gives Teresa a Safer and Healthier Home

The State of Alaska has invested in the income-based Weatherization program. Since 2008 the Legislature has made more than $355 million available for energy efficiency in residential homes of low-income Alaskans. AHFC's partners weatherized 444 homes in 28 communities (of which 22 were in rural areas during FY18). The total of weatherized homes stands at 20,213 with an average of 30 percent energy efficiency savings achieved in each.

Teresa Trinidad's home in Rampart was weatherized by Interior Regional Housing Authority in FY18.

The work included air sealing the whole house, weather stripping both exterior doors, replacing the wood stove, installing bath fan and vent to exterior, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detector and fire extinguisher.

"It made a big difference in a little amount of time. Now we don't have to worry about freezing and we're using less wood. Before we had to go to the wood yard every couple of days. Weatherization really helps people who can't afford improvements like this," says Teresa.