Guidance for Landlords on Tenants and Rent

Please note: Guidance may have changed since this blog post was published. Please click here for the most current information.

AHFC is Here to Support You

Just as Alaska tenants are grappling with the financial effects of COVID-19, so too are their landlords. We want you to know that AHFC is here to support you during these uncertain times. Please read on to learn how the temporary eviction moratorium applies to your rights as a landlord, what guidance we are providing tenants with Housing Vouchers, and what resources we have in place to ensure that you continue to receive your rental payments.

We Help Tenants and Landlords Understand Their Rights and Responsibilities

To prevent further spread of COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention enacted a temporary ban on evictions. This federal order prevents landlords from evicting tenants from properties they can no longer afford to rent due to income lost to the coronavirus pandemic.

The order makes it illegal to evict any individual who qualifies, and allows tenants to stay in their housing through the end of the year. However, residents who fail to comply with the terms of their lease agreement or other rules may still be subject to eviction.

We Remind Tenants to Continue Paying Their Rent

Tenants are told that even if they qualify for this new eviction moratorium, the ban does not relieve them of their obligation to pay rent per the terms of their lease, and that they may be subject to fees, penalties, or interest in accordance with their rent or lease agreement.

We Get Rent Directly into Your Hands Through our Voucher Program

We have a program to help tenants with Housing Vouchers pay their rent, and we send the money straight to you. Any tenant with an AHFC Housing Voucher who is unable to pay their rent can apply for an increase in housing assistance. If your assisted tenant is struggling because of income loss due to COVID-19, they may qualify for AHFC’s Safety Net Program.

We Show Tenants How to Set Up a Repayment Plan

If a tenant is behind in their rent, we encourage them to contact you and request a repayment agreement. This plan provides an outline for the tenant to come back into compliance with the terms of their tenancy.  

We Keep Your Rights in Mind

Residents who fail to comply with the terms of their lease agreement or other rules may still be subject to eviction. AHFC has helpful information about your rights and obligations as a landlord.

We Ask Your Tenants to Contact You 

We ask tenants to contact you directly, before their rent payment is due — we encourage you to do the same. Not only will they be more likely to update you on their ability to pay rent in the future, checking in and sharing the resources above will help you keep financially stable tenants in your units. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at We’re here to help!