Digital Tool Matches Alaskans with Homegrown Home Loans

Searching for the right home loan for what may be the biggest single purchase an Alaskan makes can feel intimidating and downright other-worldly. Alaska Housing’s new online mortgage tool — Loan Wizard — can help Alaskans identify the right financing for their future home.

Prospective homebuyers and Alaska lenders are guided through a series of questions about their potential home needs, filtering loan options based on their responses and narrowing their search of two dozen loans available through Alaska Housing. The Loan Wizard allows any Alaskan to quickly find the most appropriate products for their situation, whether they’re a first-time buyer, a veteran, living in rural Alaska – or perhaps all three.

“The Loan Wizard is an easy to use tool for Alaskans looking for an Alaska Housing loan that supports the state’s economy and provides an alternative to federally-backed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,” said Jan Miyagishima, director of mortgage operations at Alaska Housing.