Can Always Navigate Through

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Lakesha is an entrepreneur, writer, motivational speaker and mom. “I am a lover of giving light to people and showing people it’s in them,” she said. “I love people. I love to show people that they are capable of overcoming.”

Lakesha speaks from experience. She has overcome a lot.

Originally from Harlem, Lakesha grew up in the foster care system and experienced homelessness for a time. Both of her adoptive parents passed away and at the same time her daughters’ father was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer and also passed away, leaving Lakesha with debt.

A Safety Net for Forward Movement

After experiencing so much loss, Lakesha realized she needed support.

She was accepted into public housing in Fairbanks and moved her family into their own unit, determined to utilize all of her available resources.

"This has been an amazing safety net for my forward movement. In my home, ‘can’t’ is an acronym that means Can Always Navigate Through. So when my kids say they can’t do something, I’m like you’re right, let’s get it.”

- Lakesha, AHFC Public Housing Resident

Lakesha is currently developing her own communication fitness training program called ComFit Academy. The goal of the academy is to help people understand their power and find emotional freedom. Lakesha’s message is that people can control their response to circumstances and how they look at life.

Lakesha wrote and self-published a book that she described as self-therapy. Titled “At War with Thyself,”  the book is her way of teaching others that they don’t have to settle for what is currently in front of them.

Pursuing Purpose

After all of the challenges and losses she has experienced, Lakesha feels she has a purpose. Through her book and her work on ComFit Academy she aims to tell others that they have a purpose too.

AHFC’s public housing programs have been instrumental in helping Lakesha pursue her own purpose.

A participant in the Step program, Lakesha has taken classes that are helping her get where she wants to be as a business owner. She said the classes give her more determination not to give up because she knows she has a network supporting her efforts.

“Most people do not understand that there’s more to this program than just a roof over your head,” she said. “They are literally applying for support. They are applying for resources. No, you’re not applying for a handout. You are applying for someone, a team, to say ‘I’ve got your back.’”

Lakesha challenges others who are hesitant to apply for public housing to understand they deserve help.  “Everybody needs someone,” she said. “It’s not about being independent. The word itself tells you, you are in dependence of others. You have to depend on someone at some point in order to thrive. That’s what I like about this program. We’re doing it together.

We recognize that Lakesha’s story is exceptional and some Alaskans may be in need of safe, quality, affordable housing. If you are facing homelessness or need resources, we encourage you to contact Alaska 2-1-1. This free, confidential resource can help you to locate assistance in your home community. Dial 2-1-1 or 1-800-478-2221 or visit

AHFC’s Public Housing maintains waitlists statewide. See openings in your community.