Brian's Road to Homeownership

Brian says HomeChoice™ is a great first step for all first-time homebuyers.

Millennials and first-time homebuyers make up half of Alaska Housing’s more than 15,000 mortgages. Brian Remley from Wasilla is one of them. 

The 34-year-old bought his first home in 2018 after taking Alaska Housing’s HomeChoice™ class. As a first-time homebuyer, Brian wanted as much information as possible. 

Brian heard about Alaska Housing’s homebuyer education through a friend who had taken the HomeChoice™ class and strongly encouraged he do the same. The free course is designed to educate prospective buyers about steps and decision-making processes involved in purchasing a home.

“I was nervous, and I wanted insider knowledge of what to look for, things to pay attention to and types of questions I should be asking when looking for the right home,” Brian said. 

Brian says HomeChoice™ is a great first step for all first-time homebuyers. He was able to ask questions and hear other people’s, which he says included things he might not know or think to ask.

“The class setting is great. Everyone is learning together and has a different mindset of what the process will be like, which makes for better discussion and questions. It’s extremely valuable.”