Educational Scholarships up to $2,500

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AHFC encourages families to advance their career goals through its Education Scholarship program. Successful applicants can receive assistance up to $2,500

Career goals can range from short-term training on a specific topic to long-term formal educational endeavors. Educational topics can include diverse activities such as a culinary class, welding program, computer training, or travel career academy. Academic training in a one, two, or four-year college program is also eligible.

Eligible Applicants

Applicants must reside in an assisted rental unit owned by AHFC, or receive assistance through the Housing Choice Voucher program. Adults may apply if they wish to attend a vocational, trade, or academic school. High school seniors may also apply if they plan to attend a vocational, trade, or academic school after graduating high school in the 2020 Winter semester.

Eligible Schools & Use

The school must be located within the State of Alaska. Funds may be used to cover tuition, books, and activities directly related to the student’s education. Any training or academic institution recognized by the following will qualify:

Alaska Post-Secondary Education Commission Eligible Schools & Programs
Alaska Dept of Health & Social Services Approved Institutions (By Division)
Alaska Dept of Labor, Eligible Training Providers List (ETPL)

How to Apply

Submit your online application, including all required materials, by November 30, 2020 at 11:59pm Alaska time. Any application received with missing or incomplete information will not be accepted, and AHFC will not consider any applications received after this deadline.

Have Questions?

If you have questions about the program or need assistance, please contact Tammy Steele at AHFC by calling (907) 330-6108 in Anchorage or toll free at (800) 478-2432 in the rest of Alaska. You may also email

Details for Applicants

Disbursement of Funds

An award letter is sent to the scholarship recipient and school. Checks are mailed directly to the school, made payable to the student and the school, requiring signature by both parties. AHFC will release scholarship checks only upon proof of actual enrollment in a qualified vocational, trade, or academic school.

Scholarships are valid for two years after the award date. If the student discontinues his or her education, AHFC reserves the right to reclaim any unused portion of the scholarship.

Selection Criteria

The selection committee makes its decision based upon four categories:

Timely submission of all requirements;

Completeness of the application;

Two letters of recommendation from teachers, employers, property managers, case workers, or friends explaining why they support the application;

A written essay by the applicant describing his/her educational, vocational, or economic goals, and involvement in community or other self-sufficiency activities.


This requirement is for continuing students only — individuals who currently attend a high school, trade or vocational school, or college/university. If you are a high school senior applying for post-secondary school, attach a copy of your most recent report card. If you already attend a post-secondary school, please attach your most recent transcript.

Proof of Completion

A resident who receives an AHFC scholarship must submit a copy of his/hers official grade transcripts to AHFC upon completion of his or her training program, college semester, etc. This must occur before AHFC will consider an applicant for a second award.