Alaska Institutions Helping Homeowners

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic there have been countless examples of Alaskans taking care of Alaskans. That trend has continued with Alaska Housing Homeowner Assistance

Alaska-based Mortgage Servicers lead the way in distributing Homeowner Assistance funds to Alaskans financially impacted by the pandemic. Of the ten Mortgage Servicers that have distributed the greatest number of payments and dollars, half of those are Alaska-based companies.

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Alaska Partnerships Pay Off

Alaska Housing has developed strong relationships with Mortgage Servicers across Alaska through the years. Those close ties are paying dividends now, as AHFC has worked collaboratively with Alaska-based Mortgage Servicers to ensure assistance funds are distributed as quickly as possible to Alaskans financially impacted by COVID-19.

The spirit of Alaskans caring for Alaskans continues to help residents of our state through challenging times. AHFC is proud to work hand-in-hand with Alaska-based Mortgage Servicers who share that commitment.