Alaska Housing's Role in the State

One thing we know is housing. From supporting shelters to financing one in three mortgages in the state last year, our mission to provide Alaskans access to safe, quality and affordable housing never waivers. 

As a state agency charged with responsibly administering corporate and federal dollars, I am proud of the work we do in public housing that both meets our mission and incentivizes families to work toward financial self-sufficiency, while also injecting nearly $3 million each month into the private sector.

Thanks to the late Senator Ted Stevens, Alaska Housing was granted flexibility in management of its public housing for the benefit of our geographically broad populace. Nearly five years into an effort we call “Rent Reform,” we see families working more hours, earning more income, and ultimately – moving out of our properties and in some cases, into homeownership. 

There will likely always be more need for affordable housing than there are available units which is why in Anchorage we have periodic openings and closings for our Housing Choice Voucher rental assistance. Throughout the month of July, we have been promoting our rental waitlist and it closes today, July 31, at 11:59 p.m. 

If you know a family struggling to make ends meet, encourage them to apply for our housing before the deadline. If they meet eligibility requirements, they may receive a voucher for housing that can assist their family for five years (or longer if their household composition includes those who are elderly or with disability). The web address to complete and submit an application is