An Alaska Housing Love Story

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For Linda, Alaska Housing’s Golden Towers property in Fairbanks is not just a home – it’s also a community of support and the start of her love story.

After her husband passed away, Linda said she rarely left her apartment. Tom, Linda’s neighbor down the hall, noticed and invited her out for conversation and a change of scenery. Linda accepted and the two went out for coffee and pie.

“He didn’t mean anything by that except being a good neighbor,” said Linda (pictured holding a photo of herself and Tom).

Beginning a Relationship

Linda didn’t see Tom again for more than three years, as she said she wasn’t ready to be outside and around people at that time.

A few years later, Linda was sitting on a bench outside her apartment building when Tom sat down beside her and suggested a visit to the Tanana River Park.

“That was the beginning of a relationship,” said Linda.

“We fell in love and we married and at least 10 people from this building came to the church. It was so unexpected, such a blessing. People took buses, carpooled, some people took a taxi to come to the church to see us get married.”

– Linda, Golden Towers Resident

A Community Celebration

Linda and Tom went away for a few days on a honeymoon and Linda said that when they came home all their neighbors in the building showered them with love.

“They threw us the biggest party ever. Everyone was so generous to us and the whole building came and it was just wonderful.”

This wasn’t the first time that Linda said she’s felt the love and support of her Golden Towers community.

“After my previous husband passed away people took care – gave me food and airplane tickets so that my children could come here. I’m not the kind of person that asks for help, but it came to me in abundance. People showed me such love. I had the funeral in the building and it was standing-room only. People have made me feel not alone, ever.”

New Adventures

Linda said before she only left her apartment to walk her dog, but since marrying Tom she has been on many new adventures.

“He has brought me to Lake Louise, up to the circle, to the Yukon River… I’ve seen the beauty of Alaska in every which way and the tundra is just as beautiful to me as Denali,” she said.

“It takes very little to make me happy. What makes me happy is being in the little red truck on the road and not knowing where we are going.”

Linda said that Tom’s health was limited during the summer and they stuck closer to home, but the couple still visited the Tanana River park where they first spent time together.

“No one was there,” Linda recalled. “We just sat and looked and brought the dog with us and enjoyed the peace and the quiet and the serenity of the land.”