3 Things Every Homeowner Should Do This Fall

Winter is coming soon!

Leaves are falling and temperatures are dropping. Take this opportunity to look around your home and make sure you’re winter ready. 

Here are three easy items to check off your list. If you’re up for more, visit our Resource Information Center Library.  

  1. It’s getting darker, reach for the lights. While you may be looking to brighten inside and surrounding your home, you could save 75-90% on energy costs by switching incandescent bulbs to Energy Star-certified LEDs. For brightness, a 100-watt LED bulb is equivalent to 1,600 lumens and a 60-watt bulb, 800 lumens. If you don’t want to lose your incandescent bulb colors, look for an LED bulb with a temperature of 2,800k. 
  2. Feel for drafts. Sealing air leaks, adding additional insulation and other energy efficiency improvements can reduce heating costs by more than 30%.  
  3. Attend Secrets and Science of Energy Efficiency. Alaska Housing offers free, in-person and webinar classes that provide tips to improve your home energy efficiency. The class covers basic building science, energy upgrade ideas and how to save as much as 75% on lighting costs. Find a schedule here