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Strategic energy management practices

The guide introduces public facility owners and managers to tools and resources that can be used to complete energy efficiency retrofit projects. The processes of procuring and implementing energy efficiency retrofit projects are complex, but can drive down costs and reduce inefficiencies for public entities. This guide will assist users through each step of the process, from energy auditing to public contracting to project financing.

Introduction to Energy Efficiency: A Guide to Managing Energy Use in Public and Commercial Facilities

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This guide provides public facility, commercial building, and small business owners with a starting point for addressing energy use in existing facilities and recognizing energy efficiency as an energy source.

Hard Copies are available at the Research and Information Center at the AHFC Central Office, or by contacting Carolyn Ramsey.


By benchmarking a facility, owners and managers can see trends in a building’s energy use and compare use and operating costs. Owners can benchmark their facility by completing the REAL Benchmark Form.


White Paper on energy use in Alaska's public facilities

This paper analyzed audit data from 327 municipal, state and school district owned buildings and presents the first major statistical look at energy use in public facilities across the state. The paper presents targeted recommendations for building owners and operators, building designers and state leadership. In addition to project findings and statistical data, there are case studies, lessons learned and a list identifying commonly found energy efficiency measures (EEMs) that facility owners can implement to reduce energy use.

Energy efficiency of public buildings in Alaska - metrics and analysis

This paper builds on work done in the white paper, expanding the amount of data analyzed and investigating the potential causes of differences in energy efficiency between public buildings that have received energy audits.

Energy efficiency in public buildings: rural retrofits

This paper provides an analysis of Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) energy audits in an effort to understand the possible recommendations for and effects of energy efficiency retrofits in rural Alaska. One of the major findings of this analysis is that the most cost-effective energy efficiency measures are often changes to operations and maintenance procedures or retrofits that can be done primarily with local labor.

Energy efficiency of public buildings in Alaska: schools

The cost of energy for schools can be a burden to communities throughout the state. This report analyzes energy use and cost and provides recommendations for energy efficiency. The majority of public schools in the state are represented in this analysis with investment-grade energy audit data for approximately 38% of schools and benchmarked utility data for an additional 29%.

Potential paybacks from retrofitting Alaska's public buildings

This report addresses the approximately 400 public facilities, out of an estimated 5,000 in Alaska, that have received an energy audit. Owners of these buildings have received detailed lists of energy efficiency measures and payback information to guide their investment decisions. Investing in these retrofits would save building owners an average of $21,000/year in energy costs for a cumulative savings of $8.7 million per year. Similar savings can likely be found in the public buildings that have not yet been audited, which represents a significant opportunity for Alaskans.

Potential paybacks from retrofitting Alaska's public buildings: appendix A

This appendix includes details of annual savings that were identified by energy auditors in public buildings throughout Alaska and what the payback would be for installing those measures. The information is presented by building usage type, ANCSA region, and by individual building.

Alaska Housing funded audits

The Alaska Energy Efficiency Partnership website is receiving an update. Please contact Mike Spencer, 907-330-8197, if you are interested in obtaining a PDF of the AHFC funded audits or have questions.

Alaska map divided by native corporation regions

Audits are organized by Region, airport code, TSP and building name.


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