Alaska Housing has created a variety of tools to further advance the built environment in Alaska:

  • AkWarm Energy Modeling Software is a tool for builders, designers, energy raters, lenders, and homeowners. The software can be used for energy design, retrofit, or to determine an energy rating
  • The Energy Efficiency Value Calculator is designed to determine an appraisal price adjustment based on the efficiency level of a subject home and surrounding comparable homes. The tool also allows users to search for the star level and estimated energy costs for homes in the Alaska Housing database. Visit this link for calculator video tutorials.
  • The Alaska Housing Building Monitoring System ​​​​​​​is a free open source building monitoring system that measures real-time energy use and provides a complete summary of operating performance. The system is able to track building occupancy, temperature, electricity, and fuel use as well as access data from multiple sources, including established weather stations, building automation systems, databases, and other points.