Energy Efficiency NOW Conference 2015

Energy Efficiency NOW: An Energy Performance Summit for Commercial and Public Buildings

Thank you to everyone who attended and made Energy Efficiency NOW a successful event.

Architects, engineers, operations, maintenance and building owners all play a vital role in a building's energy efficiency level. Learn, share and discuss energy efficiency in Alaska's buildings to develop a sustainably built environment.

For information regarding the energy efficiency of Alaska's Public Facilities including Investment Grade Audits and recently published energy use research papers visit our Energy Efficiency in Public Facilities webpage.

  1. Dick Armstrong - Energy Efficiency Now
  2. Peter Beardsley - Energy Efficiency Now Plenary
  3. Jerry Herring's - Guidelines for Energy Management
  4. Jim Rehfeldt - Energy Efficiency Now Presentation - AEE
  5. Dena Strait - Energy Efficiency Now
  6. Tim Leach - Energy Efficiency Now Procurement Financing
  7. Meera Kohler - The Cost of Doing Nothing
  8. Clif Reagle - Energy Efficiency Now DOC
  9. Larry Morris - Rural Energy 2013
  10. Jason Gamache - When Deep Retrofits Make Sense
  11. Jim Fowler - The Role of Building Maintenance in Energy Efficiency
  12. David Scherer - Retro Commissioning
  13. Jen Holmes - Buildings in Alaska - What Works, What Doesn't
  14. Chris and Rebecca - ESPC Presentation - Energy Efficiency NOW 2015