Growing Your Skills

Staying effective on the job (and preparing for a new career path) is an investment in yourself leading to increased earnings and economic independence. Follow the links below to develop job skills, continue your professional development and/or education, and engage in career planning.

Once you have a plan for the knowledge, technical skills, and 'soft' skills you wish to develop, talk with your manager to see if your workplace provides time for keeping current and therefore more valuable on the job. Investing in your learning on your own time is also beneficial. Many training opportunities are available at no cost to you other than your time and attention!

"Skills that employers want from employees in 2020 include critical thinking, creativity, team collaboration, emotional intelligence, decision-making, service-oriented [communications], complex problem solving, and a willingness to learn new skills. Also, your technical or hard skills matter too." 
— World Economic Forum, 2020