AkWarm Energy Modeling Software

Alaska Housing released AkWarm in 1996 as a software tool for builders, designers, energy raters, lenders, and homeowners. The software can be used for energy design, retrofit, or to determine an energy rating.

What Can AkWarm Do?

AkWarm accesses a wide range of Alaska-specific databases for weather, fuel, utility, and material costs in more than 200 locations. On-screen calculators and input wizards make data entry simple and accurate. AkWarm will allow the user to:

  • Create house data files
  • Analyze energy use and calculate design heat load
  • Easily make changes to the description of any energy component
  • Compare energy performance and energy costs
  • Compute the savings of individual energy-conservation measures
  • Show compliance with Alaska Housing’s Building Energy Efficiency Standard

How to Get or Use AkWarm

AkWarm is free and available to anyone. Follow the link below to download the current version of AkWarm. "Official" ratings are only available through an Alaska Housing approved energy rater.

For more information, contact:

Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
Research & Rural Development Dept.
PO Box 101020
Anchorage, AK 99510-1020