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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who should take the HomeChoice™ class?

A. Anyone who is interested in learning more about the home-buying process, how to prepare for homeownership, and to access local and federal programs available that reduce the cost of homeownership.


Q. Is there a cost for the HomeChoice™ class?

A. There is no cost to take the HomeChoice™ class. In fact, if participants choose to get an AHFC mortgage within two years of course completion, they are eligible for a $250 certificate toward closing costs. 


Q. My husband and I are buying a home. Do we both have to take the class?

A. You may be benefit from a loan program that requires both individuals to attend. Speak with your lender or down payment assistance provider to determine whether you should both attend.  


Q. What do I need to bring for the HomeChoice™ class?

A. All necessary materials will be provided. There is a one-hour lunch break during the Saturday class. Lunch is not provided. 


Q. How long is the certificate valid?

A. The certificate is valid for two years.  


Q. What is the certificate good for?

A. The certificate is good for up to $250 off of any AHFC program commitment fee. It also meets the requirement if homebuyer education is required for a loan program.  


Q. Will the instructor be able to recommend real estate professionals/lenders for me?

A. AHFC does not recommend lenders or any real estate licensees.  


Q. I don’t see any classes offered in the community in which I live. Can I still get the certificate?

A. If the class is not offered in your area, you may be eligible for the HomeStudy program provided online. You must download the Steps to Home Ownership’s online book and register through AHFC’s e-Learning system. HomeStudy is an online test. Once you pass with a minimum test score of 80%, you may print your own certificate right from the online tool.  


Have questions? Contact Diane Buls.