Assisted Living

Specialized Housing Options for Seniors Needing Extra Support

Assisted Living emerged in the 1990s as an elder care alternative on the continuum of care for individuals for which independent living is no longer appropriate, but who do not require 24-hour medical care provided in nursing homes. Assisted Living is a philosophy of care and services promoting independence, dignity, and assistance with activities of daily living while ensuring the overall health, safety and well-being of Senior Citizens.

All Assisted Living homes are licensed by the State of Alaska.

We keep an up-to-date statewide inventory of assisted living facilities.

For more information on assisted living options, please contact AHFC's Senior Housing Office at:

Jim B. McCall
Officer - Housing Relations
907-330-8436 or toll-free 800-478-2432 (outside Anchorage, but within Alaska)
Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
4300 Boniface Parkway
PO Box 101020
Anchorage, AK 99510-1020