PFD Tips

Make Your PFD Work For You

Are you receiving an Alaska Permanent Fund dividend and wondering how to invest it in yourself and your family? Alaska Housing provides readily available resources for homeowners and renters to help with budgeting, cutting costs and investing. 

For Renters:

A family budget is simply a plan for how you spend the money that comes into your household to meet your family’s needs and wants. Download this tool and create your family budget today. 

If you are benefitting from STEP, remember that your rent contribution will increase each year. This workbook from the Credit Financial Protection Bureau will help you set savings goals and make informed spending decisions. 

Prospective homebuyers can attend a free Alaska Housing HomeChoice class to learn about the decisions and steps you may encounter when buying a home. Classes are led by industry experts and cover everything from shopping for a mortgage lender to how to qualify for a loan and what to look for in a home inspection. Learn more about the free classes and find a schedule, here.  

Bonus! Watch how to improve your credit score:

For Homeowners:

Did you know, extra mortgage payments add up? Here’s an example:

For many, making a family budget is intimidating. Download our family budgeting tool and we’ll walk you through all of the information to get started.  

If you’re concerned that credit debt may be getting out of hand, download this workbook by the Credit Financial Protection Bureau to learn specific tips to guide you out. The workbook includes a spending tracker, a bill calendar and a goal planner. 

Learn if refinancing makes sense for you. Whether you’re looking for better terms or want to invest in some home improvements, Alaska Housing makes refinancing your home fast and simple. Find Alaska Housing finance options, here

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