Home Energy Rebate

Homeowners may receive up to $10,000 for making energy-efficient improvements.


  • The program is open to all owner-occupied, year-round Alaskan homeowners.
  • There are no income requirements.
  • Only one rebate per dwelling will be given.
  • Homeowners pay upfront and are then reimbursed for making the eligible improvements.
  • Before ("As-Is") and after ("Post-Improvement") energy ratings are required.
  • Homeowners may participate again if they have moved into a new primary residence after two years from the date of their last rebate check.
  • Note: Residential dwellings may only participate in one of the following programs; Home Energy Rebate, New Home Rebate or Weatherization program.

How to participate

Go to www.akrebate.com, or call 877-257-3228.

If you already participated, please take the survey.

Getting your second energy rating

The second energy rating is also known as a "Post" or "Post-Improvement" rating, and should be scheduled after improvements are completed. Sign up at AKREBATE, or call 877-257-3228.

financial Help to make energy improvements

See our Second Mortgage for Energy Conservation Loan.

Don’t miss out on Federal tax credits for energy efficiency. Go to the Energy Star Website.


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