Part G - Reconciliation Calendar

Reconciliation Calendar
Issue Operator Task AHFC Task
Applications Submit new application packets for approval to AHFC on an on-going basis Complete quality assurance and approve applications within 5 business days of receipt
Vacancy Loss Submit previous quarter vacancy loss by the last day of the month following each quarter Prepare payment adjustments for vacancy loss by the next full month-end closing
Move-In and Move-Out Reconciliation Submit data to AHFC within 10 business days of move-in or move-out dates Process all move-outs and reconciliations by the following month-end closing
New Move-Ins Submit approved application materials (keeping a copy for your building file), along with a signed lease. Refer to Part D for other materials necessary at move-in Prepare payment adjustments for new move-ins within 15 days of receipt. New move-ins not submitted by the 15th will be paid within 45 days
Annual Re-certifications Execute the completion of annual and special reviews, as necessary. Submit data within 10 business days of effective date Annual certifications will be completed within 15 days of the receipt of all requested information. Completion includes the preparation of the HUD 50058
Special Reviews of Income All changes in household income must be reported to Operator (on behalf of AHFC) within 10 business days. Special adjustment (decrease) requests should be faxed and mailed to AHFC by the 10th of each month See policies. AHFC will implement any necessary changes by the 1st of the next month if changes are submitted and verified by the 10th of the month
Annual Adjustment Factors Letter requesting adjustment should be submitted to AHFC within 30 business days of the requested change AHFC will prepare annual adjustment factors by the first of the month in which the change occurs provided that AHFC receives at least 30 days notice from the Operator