Step Program

This program is targeted to families with a “work able” adult who possesses the potential to increase their employment and financial options. AHFC plans to support family economic goals with available community resources, skills training or educational courses, and counseling.

Who is Eligible

The Step Program will contain families that do not fall under the Classic Program definition.

How It Works

These families will benefit from five years of housing assistance. The family’s contributions to rent will gradually increase or “step up” over a five-year period, while AHFC’s assistance will decrease.

  1. In the first year, a family’s shelter burden will drop from 30 to 28.5 percent of gross income. The decrease allows for a streamlined subsidy calculation with no deductions.
  2. In Years 2 through 5, AHFC will gradually reduce its assistance with the goal of preparing families to assume more of the rent responsibility.
  3. At the end of Year 5, the family will be fully responsible for their unit’s rent and transition easily into the private rental or homeownership market.

AHFC is transitioning current qualified families to the Step Program as part of each family’s recertification.

Family Resources and Support

Families will be provided an opportunity to participate in an expanded Family Self-Sufficiency program. AHFC will also make information regarding local community resources available to all families.