Classic Program

For some residents, like our seniors or those with disabilities, long-term, stable housing assistance is critical. Our public housing team developed the Classic Program to meet their needs and simplify the process.

In this program the family’s shelter burden will drop from 30 to 28.5 percent of gross income. The decrease allows for a streamlined rent calculation with no deductions and housing costs that are stable for a three-year period.

These changes will take place when households reach their recertification month, starting April 2014.

The following graphic is an example of how the Classic Program works.


To be part of the Classic Program, household members must be age 62 or older—current participants age 57 or older will be grandfathered—or adult household members must be identified as persons with a disability. Live-in attendants and full-time student dependents younger than age 24 will not disqualify a family from participating in the Classic Program.

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