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Financial Literacy

One adult family member in every Step Program family must complete a financial literacy requirement by the end of the first year of participation. To fulfill the financial literacy requirement, AHFC is providing families with three options. If you have a problem with any of these steps, you can visit the FSS offices in Anchorage or Juneau or call toll free 1-877-AKGOALS (254-6257) for assistance.

Option 1 Self-Study

If an adult family member already has strong money management skills, this option is available. To complete this option:

  1. Use the suggested sources on the Financial Literacy Resources to strengthen skills before taking the test.
  2. Complete AHFCs Financial Literacy Test and press the submit button.
  3. An AHFC representative will contact the family within approximately thirty (30) days with the result.
  4. If the family member fails the test, Option 2 or 3 may be completed to meet the financial literacy requirement.

Option 2 - FDICs Money Smart Program

Money Smart is an FDIC-sponsored program accessible at Written and electronic materials are also available from your local AHFC office. To complete this option:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click Register and fill out the information on that screen.
  3. Click Money Smart for Adults.
  4. You will now see module choices.
  5. To meet the objectives AHFC has set, choose one module from each of the Financial Literacy Objectives:
    1. Learn to Budget: Money Matters or Financial Recovery
    2. Learn Banking Skills: Bank On It or Check It Out
    3. Learn about Credit: Borrowing Basics, To Your Credit, Charge It Right, Loan to Own
  6. After successfully completing each module, print a certificate. Turn in all three certificates to your AHFC local office. You can return to the log-in page at any time to access the certificates.

Option 3 - Financial Literacy Course

AHFC recognizes many courses are already being offered throughout Alaska. Please check the attached list, Financial Literacy Resources, for the most current information or contact FSS staff to assist you with selecting a course that meets the AHFC objectives.

To complete this option:

  1. Enroll in and complete the financial literacy/money management course.
  2. Provide AHFC with documentation that you have completed the course: either a certificate of completion or letter from the organization providing the course with the date of the course, your name, and their signature.

Questions? Call 855-686-3751 (907-586-3751 in Juneau), or email us at