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Requests for Proposals

Training and Energy Dissemination of the AK Energysmart K-12 Energy Efficiency Curriculum - RFP #19-RRD-001

The Alaska Housing Finance Corporation is soliciting proposals from firms to (1) maintain, update, and create lesson plans to ensure the AK EnergySmart curriculum provides K-12 students with the information and activities needed to improve energy literacy; (2) promote the need for energy literacy and the use of AK EnergySmart through various media platforms, including maintenance of the existing AK EnergySmart website; and (3) implement trainings statewide and equally target teachers of each curriculum age group while providing value and remaining cost effective. AHFC may also consider innovative tactics proposed by respondents in addition to the required tasks described below. AHFC's goal through the AK EnergySmart project is to increase the engagement of teachers and students with the AK EnergySmart curriculum so that the energy literacy of
Alaskan youth increases.

Status: Awarded to Renewable Alaska Energy Project (REAP) 10/29/2018