SS Single-Family Memo 13-05

Date:               August 1, 2013


Tax-Exempt Program Acquisition Cost Limits

Acquisition Cost Limits have increased and are posted. Lenders may begin using the new limits effective immediately, but they must be used for any commitment issued on or after August 13, 2013.

Acquisition Cost Limits - 2013

Servicing Guide revisions: Contact Servicing

Procedures for Submission of a Claim for Reimbursement (Form SER-70)

(Revised Section 16000.02 B)

Within thirty (30) calendar days of the receipt of claim settlement for expenses, if the property was conveyed to the insurer or guarantor.

Form Guide revisions: Contact Underwriting/SERVICING
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Acquisition Cost Limits – 2013
Servicing Guide – Section 16001.02.B