SS Memo 09-06


Date: May 6, 2009

Interest Rates

Seller Servicer Memorandum 09-05 announced that, for a limited time, reduced interest rates are available for purchase transactions under the Tax-Exempt First Time Homebuyer Program (TEP), Veteran Tax-Exempt Program (VTEP), and Veterans Mortgage Program (VMP). In order to simplify this, the interest rates posted on AHFC's internet website will already reflect the reduced rates. Streamline refinance transactions will receive the published rate plus .5%.

AHFC will continue to monitor loan activity closely and adjust the rates to prolong the availability of funds. Actual program interest rates and applicable additions for streamline refinances will be posted daily on the AHFC website at

This change is effective immediately. Lock-ins will be issued at the posted daily rate and the interest rate for streamline refinance transactions will be adjusted at loan commitment.