SS Memo 07-03


Date: February 2, 2007

Teachers' and Nurses' Housing Loan Program

(Section 7011)

AHFC has received a number of questions regarding borrower eligibility for the Teachers’ and Nurses’ Housing Loan Program. Statute and Regulations define Education Professionals as individuals who are employed full-time in a public elementary or secondary school as teachers, counselors, principals, vice or assistant principals and providers of special education or related services, certified under AS 14.20. Other Education Professionals such as administrators and superintendents are not eligible for the program.

Registered Nurses are defined as individuals who are employed full-time as registered nurses licensed to practice nursing under AS 08.68.230(a). Individuals who are licensed under AS 08.68.230 (b) “licensed practical nurse” or “licensed vocational nurse”; AS 08.68.230 (c) “Temporary Registered Nurse”; and AS 08.68.230 (d) “Temporary Licensed Practical Nurse” are not eligible for the program.

Amended Energy Standards/Revised PUR-101

The Alaska Building Energy Efficiency Standard (BEES) is being replaced as of April 1, 2007. In order to be eligible for AHFC financing, residential housing constructed on or after April 1, 2007, must meet the new BEES.

Since the new standard was adopted, AHFC has conducted an ongoing training program for energy raters and individuals who hold BEES Compliance Certification numbers. For more information please contact Scott Waterman at 907-330-8195 or 800-478-2432 (outside Anchorage but within Alaska), or go to www. A brief synopsis is also attached.

A revised PUR-101 is being released to coincide with these changes. A PUR-101 dated 04/07 will be required on all certifications made on or after April 1, 2007. The revised form will accommodate certification for the standard effective April 1, 2007, or the prior standard.

Missing HUD Labels on Manufactured Homes

HUD recently published an article about obtaining verification letters for manufactured home units that are missing HUD labels. Label verifications may be requested through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by contacting HUD’s FOIA office by phone (202-708-3475) or online at HUD processing time is about three to five weeks and costs approximately $37.00. The same information may be requested from the Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS) by visiting the IBTS website at While the cost is greater through IBTS ($50), the processing time is considerably shorter, three to five business days.

Revised/Deleted Forms

PUR-101 - (04/07)


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BEES Standard