SS Memo 07-01


Date: January 9, 2007

Financial Statement Submission

(Revised Section 12000.05.B.2)

AHFC amended its guidelines to reflect that Lenders "may be" required to submit financial statements on lender originated loans.

Attorney Fees and Legal Costs/Reimbursable Fees and Costs (SER-86)

(Revised Section 13001.10.A)

AHFC amended its guidelines to increase attorney's fees and legal costs to $1,200 for all districtsand to include Servicer reimbursement of publication costs.

Servicing Forms Changes

SER-57 - Maturity date deleted.

SER-60 - Added "Date of Curtailment Application," and "Due Date of 1st Modified Payment."

SER-71 - Added "Repayment Plan" information and removed Fannie Mae Seller/Servicer, Loan information, and Servicer address.

SER-86 - Revised to include increased attorney fees and reimbursement of publication costs.

Revised/Deleted Forms

SER-57 Revised 12/06

SER-60 Revised 12/06

SER-71 Revised 12/06

SER-86 Revised 12/06


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Servicing Guide Section 13001.10.A