SS Memo 06-02


Date: February 10, 2006

Borrower Awareness Statements

(Forms Guide, Selling and Servicing Guides)

AHFC is pleased to announce the elimination of several borrower awareness statements in the ongoing effort to reduce paperwork lenders must complete on our behalf. Some of the statements are otherwise covered by a rider to the deed of trust, the PUR-80, or another AHFC document. For all loans originated on or after March 1, the following forms are no longer required.

  • ASM-12 – Borrower’s Acknowledgment Tax-Exempt or Veterans Mortgage Bond to Taxable
  • ASM-13 – Co-Borrower’s Acknowledgment Veterans Mortgage Bond to Taxable Release of Veteran Borrower
  • PRG-70 – Borrower’s Acknowledgment and Certification IRRLIB
  • PRG-80 – Seller’s Affidavit and Borrower’s Acknowledgment EEIRR Existing Dwellings
  • PRG-90 – Borrower’s Awareness Teachers’ and Nurses’ Housing Loan Program
  • PUR-70 – Borrower’s Acknowledgment Non-Conforming Program
  • PUR-76 – Borrower’s Awareness Private Water and Wastewater Systems
  • PUR-77 – Borrower’s Letter of Awareness About Public Utilities and/or Assessments
  • PUR-87 – Borrower’s Acknowledgment Streamline Refinance
  • PUR-92 – Borrower’s Acknowledgment AHGLP
  • UND-12 – One-Step Construction Loan Borrowers and Lenders Awareness Statement
  • UND-12A – One-Step Construction Loans Awareness Statement RELP and HUD184

Approved Homebuyers Education Providers

(Online Appendix)

Authorization for the Cook Inlet Housing Authority (CIHA) “Keys to Homeownership” homebuyer education class expired January 31, 2006, and has not been renewed. AHFC will not accept CIHA certificates dated after January 31, 2006, as evidence of completion of homebuyers’ education. HomeChoice remains the only approved class for borrowers participating in a loan option that requires homebuyers’ education (AHELP, IRRLIB, and RELP). For documentation requirements please refer to Section 1004.08.


Replacement forms are available in MSWord and PDF. Adobe Acrobat 5 is required to read and print PDF files.

Revised or Deleted Forms

(Deleted forms will not be available online after March 1, 2006)

ASM-12 Deleted

ASM-13 Deleted

PRG-70 Deleted

PRG-80 Deleted

PRG-90 Deleted

PUR-70 Deleted

PUR-76 Deleted

PUR-77 Deleted

PUR-87 Deleted

PUR-92 Deleted

UND-12 Deleted

UND-12A Deleted