SS Memo 06-01


Date: January 17, 2006

Online Mortgage Guides Update

The attached Update Summary explains guide changes and forms revisions that occurred during the third and fourth quarter 2005. Not all changes or revisions have been previously announced in a Seller/Servicer Memorandum; two examples follow. 

  • In the Selling Guide, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) has been renamed to the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS).
  • Since ICC inspectors are no longer eligible to sign PUR-101 or PUR-102 forms, as announced in Memo 05-09, these forms have been revised. The forms are offered in Word and PDF fill-in versions. Lenders should begin using the new forms effective with this memorandum.

Manufactured/Mobile Homes

In keeping with industry standards, and to more accurately describe the collateral, AHFC is amending its mortgage guides, changing the term "mobile home" to "manufactured home." This change affects both the Selling and Servicing guides and necessitates revising a number of forms as shown on the attached update summary.

Request to Transfer Commitment (UND-5)

Section 1005.08

Delegated commitments may now be transferred to a lender who is not approved to use delegated underwriting provided the appropriate Program Compliance documentation is submitted with the executed UND-5 and $50 fee. AHFC will review the documentation and make any changes to the commitment, if necessary.


Replacement forms are available in MSWord and PDF.

MH-101 Revised 12/05

MH-102 Revised 12/05

PRG-21 Deleted

PRG-22 Revised 12/05

PUR-40 Revised 12/05

PUR-41 Revised 12/05

PUR-42 Revised 12/05

PUR-43 Revised 12/05

PUR-44 Revised 12/05

PUR-45 Revised 12/05

PUR-101 Revised 01/06

PUR-102 Revised 01/06

PUR-102MDG Revised 01/06

PUR-102MDF Revised 01/06

PUR-102MH Revised 01/06

PUR-102S Revised 01/06

SER-59 Revised 12/05

UND-5 Revised 12/05

UND-30 Revised 12/05

UND-31 Revised 12/05

UND-100 Revised 12/05

UND-101 Revised 12/05

UND-102 Revised 12/05