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News Archive 2013

  • 12/26/13 AHFC Funds 179 New Affordable Housing Units For Low-Income and Senior Alaskans Federal and state funding allows for non-profit and private sector participation in local communities
  • 11/04/13 AHFC Introduces Rent Reform In Public Housing To Meet Growing Community Needs
  • 09/03/13 AHFC Opens New Rental Units Without Waitlist In Fairview
  • 08/23/13 AHFC Re-Elects Roppel as Board Chair
  • 08/07/13 Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) appoints new CEO
  • 08/06/13 Milestone Reached With AHFCs Home Energy Rebate Program
  • 07/03/13 Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) addresses communication and expands eligibility for owner-occupied second homes in Home Energy Rebate Program
  • 06/04/13 AHFC Introduces $10,000 Six Star Rebate and Incentivizes Greater Home Energy Efficiency Standards
  • 05/28/13 AHFC Awards Funds to Construct 40 New Housing Units and Ease Juneau Housing Crunch
  • 05/22/13 Alaska Housing Finance Corporation Closer to Smoke-Free Public Housing
  • 04/23/13 AHFC Weatherization Program Reaches Milestone: 10,500 Families Served
  • 04/04/13 Homebuyers Benefit from New AHFC Loan Program that Pays Closing Costs
  • 02/25/13 Alaska Housing Finance Corporation Earns High Marks Following IRS Audit on Two Bonds
  • 01/11/13 Alaska Housing Finance Corporation Expands Home Energy Rebate Program to make more Alaskans eligible for second rebates up to $10,000
  • 01/09/13 Alaska Housing Finance Corporation Unveils New Website Design