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Manufactured Home Program

AHFC finances manufactured homes located in mobile home parks or on land (not on permanent foundations) known as Type II manufactured homes. The maximum loan amount for Type II manufactured homes located on land (fee simple land) is $175,000. The maximum loan amount for all other Type II units is $100,000.

Program Note

Financing for manufactured homes that are permanently attached to land (known as Type I manufactured homes) is available under most single-family loan programs.

Additional Considerations

  • New single-wide units may be financed for 10 years (existing units a maximum of 7 years).
  • New double-wide units may be financed for 14 years (existing unitsa maximum of 10 years).
  • Type II manufactured home loans require a 15 percent down payment unless guaranteed by VA.
  • Type II manufactured homes may only be financed under the Taxable Program.
  • The value of the manufactured home is determined by an appraiser on the "Manufactured Home Value Report."

How to Apply