Education Scholarship Leads to Opportunity

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Education has been a pathway to progress for Phillip.

Following a career in the military, Phillip began earning degrees from the University of Alaska Anchorage. First came an associate’s degree, followed by a bachelor’s degree in justice.

After he finished a master’s degree in global supply chain management with a 4.0 GPA in 2021, Phillip enrolled in a Certificate in Executive Leadership program. He is expected to complete it in December 2022 and then begin pursuing work in global supply chain management.

“Attending college has helped my mindset in maturity and economic responsibility toward my future,” Phillip said. “If it wasn’t for the aspect of attending college to pursue a higher degree, I would be in a dead-end job that would take me nowhere in terms of career development.”

Partnering With Alaska Housing

Phillip was able to achieve his educational goals due in part to his relationship with Alaska Housing.

Because Phillip received rental housing assistance, he was eligible for Alaska Housing’s Education Scholarship. The scholarships provide Alaska Housing tenants and those who live in a home that receives rental assistance with funds to help pay for college or trade schools.

Phillip received a scholarship in 2019 to help earn his associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, then was selected for a second scholarship in 2020 to support his master’s degree.

“The rental housing assistance that I receive through AHFC has influenced my life to be more productive in reaching my academic goals. AHFC directly helps with my rental assistance which contributes to my success in school.”

— Phillip, Education Scholarship recipient

Education Scholarships Help Families

Alaska Housing encourages families to advance their career goals and the Education Scholarship can provide up to $2,500 for college tuition or technical training.

Tammy Steele, former housing management specialist with Alaska Housing, has seen the difference scholarships can make. One past scholarship recipient invited Tammy to his high school graduation and still sends a thank you note once a year.

“It makes my job very rewarding knowing every day through our programs we support stability and give our families opportunities to dream the dream,” she said. “I have been so fortunate to watch many families achieve big goals. AHFC invested in them and they, in turn, invested in themselves.”

Balancing School and Parenthood

While Phillip was focused on getting his education, it wasn’t easy. The single father of three kids, Phillip had to balance family life with school work. Throughout the pandemic, that often meant remote school work for both Phillip and his children.

“It is challenging balancing all my academic responsibilities as well as my childrens’ much-needed academic help,” he said.

Improving Leadership and Professional Skills

Yet through it all, Phillip remained committed to his objective: earning academic degrees to further his opportunities.

“I depend on my academic success to achieve financial growth and responsibility,” he said. “My experiences at UAA have enhanced my leadership and professional skills.”

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