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Cash Flow Calculator

The Cash Flow Calculator allows the user to develop a preliminary analysis of the cost effectiveness of an energy efficiency retrofit by comparing cash flows of various funding scenarios. The cost of inaction is illustrated to help building owners identify the impact to their budget if a project is delayed.

Four scenarios are provided:

  1. Appropriation awarded on year five,
  2. Loan taken immediately,
  3. Loan taken after a five year delay, and
  4. No action.

The cash flows are based on user inputs, noted by light blue cells on the Inputs worksheet, and a series of assumptions. Where significant to the user, the assumptions are either incorporated as a note visible when the user hovers over the cell or as a note in a separate cell. The tool is intended as a starting point in the analysis of various funding options.

The Calculator is to be used by project developers, facility managers, and others who will assist facility owners decide whether to pursue an energy retrofit project or not, and define what funding source will be cost effective.

The Calculator is intended to also be used after the facility or facilities receive an energy audit, so the user can refer to the audit for the annual energy expenditure, and credible estimates for project cost and annual energy savings.

For more information, contact:

Michael Spencer
Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
Research & Rural Development