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AHFC values its relationships with lenders. Those spotlighted have demonstrated a history of supporting Alaskan homebuyers with AHFC loans. If you have questions about our products, contact any of our approved lenders.

Stephanie Moll

Stephanie Moll

Homestate Mortgage Company — Anchorage, Alaska

I have family pictures all over my office. I consider my family the best part of me. Alaska Housing feels the same way about your family. This is proven by the many great programs that they offer to help get you into a home that you own here in this great state. Let me treat your family with as much care as I treat mine. My 36+ year experience is just a phone call away.


Alaska Housing genuinely cares about Alaskans!! Let me tell you about their programs and how they can help you achieve homeownership.

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Stephanie Moll, Sr. Loan Originator
NMLS #190244

Homestate Mortgage
NMLS #189191
Anchorage Office

Direct: 273-7229
Cell: 727-2981

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