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AHFC Optimizes Website for Mobile Devices - Posted January 24, 2014
In response to increasing use of mobile devices for accessing the Internet, AHFCs website now automatically adapts to various mobile platforms (devices), making navigation easier and more user friendly.
ANCHORAGE, AK, December 26, 2013 Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) announces 2014 Greater Opportunities for Affordable Living (GOAL) grants and tax credits totaling $33.2 million. Five communities statewide are beneficiaries and the projects will develop or upgrade a total of 179 rental units for low-income and senior Alaskans, and will generate more than $48 million in direct economic impact to Alaskas economy.
ANCHORAGE, AK, November 4, 2013 As one of only 39 housing finance agencies across the country recognized by the federal Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) as Moving to Work, AHFC is announcing the first major overhaul of how public housing is administered statewide.
ANCHORAGE, AK, September 3, 2013 Alaska Housing Finance Corporations (AHFC) public housing division announces that the new housing complex at 1248 East Ninth Avenue in Anchorage is ready to accept applications on a first-come, first-serve basis.
AHFC Re-Elects Roppel as Board Chair - Posted August 23, 2013
ANCHORAGE, August 23, 2013 - Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) board of directors reelected Frank Roppel of Wrangell to serve as the board chair at its annual board meeting in Anchorage August 21. Roppel was appointed to the board of directors in July 2003, and he has served as chair since that time. Roppel previously served on the Alaska State Housing Authority (ASHA) and AHFC boards for 12 years in the '70s and '80s. He retired from Alaska Pulp Corporation in 2001.
ANCHORAGE, AK, August 7, 2013 Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) Board of Directors this morning accepted resignation from its CEO/Executive Director Dan Fauske who serves in a joint capacity as President of Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC). Fauske's resignation from AHFC will allow him to focus on fulfilling the mission directed by the legislature's passage of House Bill 4 earlier this year regarding construction of an in-state natural gas pipeline.
ANCHORAGE, AK, August 6, 2013 - When Ryan Debonis from Eagle River received a check for $7,500 from Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) for building to the highest efficiency standard available at time of new construction, 5 Star Plus, he became the 2,000th recipient of a 5 Star Plus rebate. Aside from receiving the rebate Dubonis will benefit from lower energy bills year-round due to more energy efficient construction.
Anchorage, AK, July 3, 2013 Following review of 18 appeals from Alaskan homeowners, AHFC announces it will honor expansion of the Home Energy Rebate Program for Alaskans participating a second time.
ANCHORAGE, AK, June 4, 2013 - Under new program changes adopted by Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC), beginning July 1, 2013, Alaska homeowners participating in the Home Energy Rebate Program for new construction may qualify for a 6 Star energy rating. The sixth star will be awarded for homes that meet the highest energy rating, and may be rewarded with a $10,000 rebate.
Anchorage, Alaska, May 28, 2012 -- Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) plans to award $7.6 million in federal grant funds and low-income housing tax credits to Volunteers of America National Services; Volunteers of America, Alaska; and development partners Trapline LLC and V2. The organizations jointventured and submitted a competitive bid to construct and manage Vista Drive in Douglas.
ANCHORAGE, AK, May 22, 2013 - Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) is moving forward with its plan to go smoke-free in its larger multi-family units with tenants who are elderly or have a disability.
ANCHORAGE, APRIL 23, 2013 As of March 31, 2013, Alaska Housing Finance Corporations (AHFC) Weatherization Program, serving primarily the elderly, those with disabilities and families with children younger than age six, has invested more than $205 million since 2008 to improve the energy efficiency of an estimated 10,500 Alaska homes used by lower-income renters and homeowners.
ANCHORAGE, AK, April 04, 2013 Fear of coming up with cash at closing is frequently the barrier that prevents would-be homeowners from taking the leap into homeownership. Starting this month Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) is, for the first time ever, offering a program that offers homebuyers money for closing costs while maintaining a competitive 30-year fixed interest rate.
ANCHORAGE, Feb. 25, 2013 -- The IRS determined two Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) bonds, randomly chosen for an audit, to be in good standing. This comes after nine months of the IRS meticulously analyzing AHFC accounting.
January 11, 2013 Alaska homeowners who used the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation Home Energy Rebate Program or 5 Star Plus New Home Rebate Program and have since built or purchased a new or existing home are eligible for a new rebate.
Jan. 9, 2013 Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) announces the launch of a redesigned website,, that will put critical housing resources and information at the fingertips of Alaskans. The website is available today and streamlines all of the information AHFC offers online, making it more easily accessible to people who regularly access the site.
Roppel Continues as AHFC Board Chair - Posted January 5, 2013