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Summary of Eviction FAQs for Renters - Posted October 21, 2020
To prevent further spread of COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently issued an Order that temporarily halts residential evictions under certain circumstances. To help clarify the details of this Order, the CDC published additional guidance and answers to frequently asked questions. We've gone one step further and provided a summary of all this information for you, along with specific information and resources for Alaskan families.
Need Some Help Helping With Homework? - Posted October 14, 2020
Finding a balance with work and household responsibilities is a challenge, and adding homeschool or online coursework for your kids can feel overwhelming. We're here to help! Check out these free online resources that will get you and your young student going in the right direction.
Senior Housing Office, 30 Years Later - Posted October 6, 2020
A pearl is traditionally associated with a 30th Anniversary. Signifying purity, honesty and wisdom, it seems appropriate for an office that has worked to provide adequate, accessible, secure, and affordable housing on behalf of Alaska’s Senior Citizens for three decades.
Get Your Home Ready for Winter - Posted October 6, 2020
Is your home ready for winter? Get some tips on how ensure that your family stays warm when temperatures drop.
Indoor Air Quality, Smoke and COVID-19 - Posted October 5, 2020
In the past, indoor air quality (IAQ) primarily related to indoor air pollutants such as mold, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), off-gassing from our flooring and furniture, and even the cleaning supplies we use. But COVID-19 has created another level of concern for IAQ.
Educational Scholarships up to $2,500 - Posted October 1, 2020
Our Education Scholarship program is open and accepting applications. If you've been thinking about attending a trade or vocational school, traditional college, or other professional training, apply for up to $2,500 in educational funds. Applicants must reside in an assisted rental unit owned by AHFC or receive assistance through the Housing Choice Voucher program. Other eligibility requirements also apply.
Guidance for Landlords on Tenants and Rent - Posted September 22, 2020
Are you a landlord that partners with AHFC housing programs? Learn more about how we are supporting our tenants, and in turn, ensuring that landlords keep financially stable families in their units.
Voucher Recipients: Info on Rent & Eviction - Posted September 18, 2020
If you participate in the voucher program and are having trouble making your rent payment, we have specific guidance for you! Learn more about eviction bans, rent relief, and the steps you should take right now to keep your housing secure.
Rent Guidance for Public Housing Families - Posted September 17, 2020
If you live in AHFC Public Housing and are having trouble making your rent payment, we have specific guidance for you! Learn more about eviction bans, rent relief, and the steps you should take right now to keep your housing secure.
Where to Get Flu Shots & Other Vaccinations - Posted September 16, 2020
The flu shot is one of the most popular vaccinations this time of year, and for good reason! Learn why, and where in your community you can get your flu shot and other vaccinations.
Keeping your family safe and healthy is more important than ever. We’ve put together a list of resources with activities, advice, and people to help support you.
If you have school-aged children and were impacted by the COVID-19 related school closures in 2019-2020, you may be eligible for reimbursable food expenses. Learn more about the Pandemic-Electronic Benefits Transfer Program (P-EBT).
Eviction Ban Extended for Renters - Posted September 4, 2020
The Trump administration issued an order banning landlords from evicting tenants from properties they can no longer afford to rent due to income lost to the coronavirus pandemic. Learn about the updated status of eviction moratoria, your rights as a renter, and what you can do right now keep your housing secure. 
Budgeting Made Easy - Posted September 3, 2020
Everyone can benefit from a creating a personal budget, and it's easier than you think! Learn how to track your spending, reduce costs, and plan for your financial future. We have all the resources you need to get started.
New Resource Library For Job Hunters - Posted September 2, 2020
Are you looking for your first job, transitioning to a new profession, or re-entering the work force after time away? Want to keep that job you love, develop your professional skill set, or further your education? This comprehensive online toolbox is just what you need! Through checklists, videos, and specific examples, the Jumpstart Library will give you the confidence to reach your career goals.
Painting? Color Choice Impacts Your Mood - Posted August 25, 2020
Thinking about getting a space ready for your child’s remote learning? Experts on color psychology say, the color of your environment can impact mood, behavior, memory and learning.
Future Comes with a Place Called Home - Posted August 19, 2020
Every year 1000s of adults younger than 25 years old leave the foster care system in the U.S. Between 11 and 37% can expect to experience homelessness according to U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development. That’s where the Foster Youth to Independence comes in.
Buying a home is a big financial decision – probably one of the biggest you’ll ever make. Home loan rates are incredibly low right now so it’s likely that someone has encouraged you to look into a new home or you’ve been wondering if it’s the right step for you.
Homes were “smart” way before Alexa, security systems and smart TVs. A “smart home” is an energy efficient home, which is good for your bank account and for the environment.
Small, rural communities must register to be considered for Alaska Housing Finance Corporation’s Teacher, Health Professional, and Public Safety Housing program before Friday, August 21 at 5 p.m. Registration is necessary for access to the $2 million in funding made available by AHFC.