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Fire Sprinkler Loans

Automatic Fire Sprinklers Required By 2024

Earlier this year, the Municipality of Anchorage Fire Marshal notified owners and operators of state licensed assisted living homes that they will be required to provide automatic fire sprinkler systems by 2024.

In a communication released by the Anchorage Fire Marshal, existing homes that could maintain evacuation times for residents in less than 3 minutes were previously allowed to operate without fire sprinkler systems. The Municipal Assembly adopted this change to fire and building codes in October 2020 after determining that these evacuation times could not be maintained.

Learn more about this change, the deadline to comply, and available loans to assist with installation costs. 

What This Means for Owners & Operators

All new homes that have been licensed over the last two years will likely already meet this requirement. All other existing licensees must now comply by installing automatic fire sprinkler systems by 2024. Systems must also be monitored, so any home that has sprinklers but no monitoring must comply with this requirement by 2023. 

Quick Facts 

  • An automatic fire sprinkler system is now required in all assisted living occupancies, except R-3, 3-5.
  • Homes have a 3-year period to install the systems, and all systems must be monitored.
  • Any systems already installed but not monitored have 2 years to secure monitoring services. 
  • Homes must provide plans designed and prepared by a person or company licensed and permitted by the State of Alaska.
  • After receiving a sprinkler plan review approval by the Anchorage Fire Department Fire Prevention Division, the installation must be performed by a technician licensed and permitted by the State of Alaska.

Important Deadlines

  • January 1, 2023: Deadline to come into compliance for homes with automatic fire sprinkler systems already installed, but that need to install monitoring systems.
  • January 1, 2024: Deadline to come into compliance for homes that need to install both automatic fire sprinkler and monitoring systems.

Loan Assistance & Tax Incentives for Installation

  • Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) is backing loans to assist owner-occupied homes with materials and installation costs. Assisted living home owners in any community may apply. For more information, please contact Neighborworks at or 677-8404 ‚Äčor Melanie Smith at
  • The CARES Act includes tax incentives for fire sprinkler installation. Learn more here.

For More Information

  • Details about the above requirements and compliance can be found in the official notification issued by the Municipality of Anchorage Fire Marshal.
  • For direct assistance, contact the Anchorage Fire Department Fire Prevention Division at (907) 267-4901.
  • To review the Fire & Safety Self-Inspection Checklist for Assisted Living Homes, click here